Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Halloween Spirit...

We're getting geared up for Halloween around here by putting up the last of our decorations (that are in boxes in the garage) and by carving our first pumpkin! Lincoln has been sick this last week and hasn't really felt up to doing much. But after a few days, I thought we both could use some fresh air so we went back to the pumpkin patch for a little photo shoot.

He LOVED this little tractor! He didn't want to see anything else!
Make sure you get my good side, Mom

Since we were there, we decided to buy another small pumpkin to carve for the front porch. The next day, I set down a garbage bag and cut the top off the pumpkin to get us started. He didn't really seem interested and I'll tell you why after you watch the video.

About 45 seconds AFTER this video, Lincoln threw up his breakfast all over me and luckily all over the garbage bag. Poor kid. No wonder he wasn't really interested in the pumpkin.

Just so you are not worried, I took him to the doctor yesterday after yet another vomitting session and he said it's just a virus that is going around. There's nothing I can do but make him comfortable and wait it out. So if you were planning on visiting in the next 7-10 days, you may want to reschedule!

I'll post Lincoln's Halloween costume tomorrow.


  1. LOL! in the video he is all boy and all josh first of all and i love the pictures cause i get to see how much he totally is looking like both of you! such a cutie, i just want to smother him with smooches! he he he. lila

  2. My son got that same virus - yuck! I hope he's feeling better. Those pictures from the pumpkin patch were adorable!