Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to "Normal"

We have finally gotten most of the boxes unpacked and things in their places, for the most part. We're also getting back on our sleep/nap schedules, which helps EVERYONE!! Thank you to everyone for their scripture reading schedules and suggestions. Josh and I have decided that mid-March is our new "New Year" and have made a new list of goals for this year.
It includes less TV, more scripture reading, more reading in general, and more "us" time. Family time is separate and so is Lincoln/Daddy time. Generally, Josh gets to see Linc about an hour and a half a day before he goes to sleep and most of that is spent at dinner, bath, and bedtime.
So far it's worked wonderfully, but I had two meetings last night and another tonight. I'm missing out on our "us" time. But it's been really nice to get things back to as normal as they get around here!
Thanks again for all your suggestions and love!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Suggestions welcome...

Lately I've been remiss in my nightly scripture reading. I always tell myself "don't forget tonight" then something comes up or a mess needs cleaning or I just want to relax. But one day turns quickly into a week, then into much longer.

I need some suggestions or helpful reminders to nudge me in the right direction. Any hints?