Friday, January 25, 2013

Catching Up... Hello 2013!

Ok, So I haven't been the best at blogging. But, I hope to do better this year. Maybe if I get a new phone, it might be easier.

We are loving Schertz, TX. It's so close to shopping, school, church, Costco, Target, and everything we forgot existed while we were in Marble Falls. Lincoln is doing well in school (which is two blocks away), Josh loves his new job (five minutes down the road), and I am enjoying my new positions at church. I've been asked to teach the Young Women ages 16-18 on Sundays and to be the Girls Camp Leader over the same age for the region or Stake.

Our Christmas holiday was busy, but fun. Since we are closer this year and are renting a two story home, we hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas with all of our various family members. We had lots of food, fun, and family. It was so nice NOT to have to drive hours upon hours to visit with family and we got to sleep in our own beds this year! Man, what a difference 90+ miles makes.

Over the holiday break, Lincoln and I visited the Snake Farm in New Braunfels using one of my Groupons. It was a lot of fun, if you call seeing lots of creepy snakes fun! I DO NOT like snakes and Lincoln didn't seem all that interested either, but he really liked the alligators and the peacocks. While we were finding our way through the snakes, we got a scare when a rattler started rattling at us. I think it was my red shirt that got him mad. Unless snakes can't see color, then I don't know what got him upset.

And just a couple of weeks ago, a friend invited us to a San Antonio Rampage hockey game. It was a long night, but they won and we got FREE Chick-fil-A sandwiches! Go Rampage!

Lincoln has also started taking a gymnastics class in town. It's really helping with his balance and strength. He loves being able to jump and run and swing from everything there. The Coach is a sweet young girl that doesn't have a problem telling him to sit in time out or tell him to keep his hands to himself. She's great and he's getting better at listening...most days.
Keep up the good work, Linc!!

Downloading pictures on here takes so long! Wish they would find an easier way. There are lots I couldn't add. Oh well. At least there are a few.