Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sea World Trip

We took a trip to Sea World at the end of the summer. We usually go in October when it cools down, but we decided to go while the water park was still open. It was hot, but really fun. Lincoln's favorite part was definitely seeing Elmo and the whole Sesame Street gang perform. After the show, the characters came down to take pictures with the kids and Lincoln was literally running after Ernie and Bert screaming, "Ernie, wait! Wait for me Ernie!"

He was SO happy to see Ernie and Bert!

"Wait for me Ernie!"

Ice Cream and swimming. Doesn't get much better!

He wasn't very keen on the whales. It was too loud for him and he spent most of the time covering his ears with his hands. But what really sent him over the edge was when the whales splashed us. That over-stimulated him and he was not happy until the show was over. As we were walking out, he saw a stuffed whale. I'm a sucker and bought it for him, and it is now a favorite. He pretends the whale is splashing with his tale and jumping around.

Baby and Mommy Whale

The trainers are not allowed in the water with the whales anymore and they all had their hair in buns. The whale that was involved in last year's accident killing his trainer was shipped to the San Antonio Sea World. He was performing on the other side of the tank. It was amazing to see them perform, but also scary to think of something THAT size swimming at you at break-neck speeds. Just amazing though.

Makes me want to be a trainer, but with dolphins.

Happy 4th Birthday Lincoln!!

Enjoying his birthday cake!

Our little boy turned 4 years old today. As they say, time flies. We are amazed at how fast the time has flown. He is as tall, as fast, and as fearless as any older boy. We had a school evaluation today and were told that he is above his age range academically but still needs to work on his speech. We are SO proud of him and all the progress he has made. This year in class with his wonderful teachers should be a great one.

Saturday we had a birthday swim party for Lincoln and his friends at the City pool. Last year, we had his party at the pumpkin patch and it was too hot. This year, at the pool, the weather was perfect for a swim. The water was VERY cold at first, but still felt nice.

He had lots of friends there and received lots of cool gifts, including a Toy Story Sherriff Woody and Bullseye Josh and I got him. Everyone had a good time.

Angelene, two weeks away from kiddo #5 and Finley looking on.

Nice ears hon!

Samuel and Mom, Amy

Curtis and Jane Hale

Lincoln and Nana, enjoying a Mickey Mouse cupcake.

Samuel and Lincoln

Our playdate friends, Amy and Samuel

Every birthday, I've made Lincoln a Birthday hat and shirt. This year's theme was Mickey Mouse. Happy Birthday my big boy!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to School

Lincoln started school again and he is in the same class as last year, the Pre-school Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD). He has been making lots of progress verbally and academically. His teachers have said that he still is a little behind in his speech, but he is ahead of his age group academically. Right now, he has three teachers and about 6 or 7 kids in his class. He is attending the Pre-K class every day for about 30 minutes, but his teacher, Ms. Tina, wants to increase his time in Pre-K to an hour. We'll see how his does in a class with two teachers and 18 or 19 kids. Either he will flourish or he won't. We'll see...

His teachers are amazing!! Ms. Tina and Ms. Hollie were with him last year and now he also has Ms. Carmen helping too. They really CARE about the kids in their class. I can tell because I've seen them talking to and dealing with the kids, and they are tremendous!! They really care about Lincoln and how he is progressing. We feel so blessed to have them working with Lincoln. I can see a huge difference in his behavior and speech. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

We also just had Lincoln tested for food allergies. We knew he was allergic to peanuts, which was confirmed, but we also found out that he is slightly allergic to milk, soy, and egg whites, which basically excluded all dairy products. He is already on a Gluten-free diet but now we have to remove all dairy, egg, and codfish too. He is slightly more allergic to codfish (fish sticks, etc) than milk and eggs. I really need to do my homework to research in order to provide dinner for a month with all these restrictions. We take it away for a month, then introduce each one back into his diet to see how he reacts to it. Wish us luck!!!