Thursday, February 25, 2010

Growth Spurt?

Ususally, Lincoln eats his fair share of food in the house but yesterday he was a human garbage disposal. Here is a list of the meals (yes I said MEALS) this kid ate...not in any order.

Bowl of Cheerios (two refills) with milk
2 Whole Graham Crackers
Bowl of Spaghetti and meatballs with noodles
Whole apple
Bowl of applesauce
8-10 club crackers (multi-grain)
Another 2 Whole Graham Crackers
Whole Nectarine
Lots of Animal Crackers
Half a banana

Every time he was hungry, I could hear the couch side table being pushed over to the pantry. He stands on top of the table to reach everything but the top shelf. I have to move everything up there or put it in another cabinet. He is SO tall!!

Funny Things He Does
*He came to find me in the bedroom while I was putting laundry away to show me he was "helping" put his blanket away.

*He likes to carry both of his water bottles around.

*Dad taught him how to "body slam" which means running into you at full speed, hoping you will fall backwards and hug him. But Linc only says, "baa-eee" and then runs into you. Pretty funny.

*Dad took him the to park to play on the tire swing and he loved it!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elmo Live in Austin

Last Satruday, Josh and I took Lincoln to the Frank Erwin Center in Austin to see Sesame Street Live: 1-2-3 Imagine. It was a really fun show with all our favorite characters. I was a little worried that Lincoln might not sit still for the whole thing, but he was REALLY good. I'm just glad I brought enough snacks to keep his little hands and mouth busy.

We had decent seats and the event staff allowed us to walk up to the stage before the performance and during intermission. Once the show started and all the characters came running out from behind the curtain, Lincoln started yelling, "HI" over and over trying to get their attention. Then about half way through the first act, he randomly started yelling, "Abby, Abby, Abby." He wanted to get her attention so badly. Everyone around us just started laughing. It was really fun. We will definitely go again!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miss Scarlet in the ballroom with the ROPE!

Ever since the start of the New Year, I've been busy with my play practice for CLUE: The Musical. It's a challenging play because the audience plays the game along with the actors. Volunteers from the audience pick the cards for the suspect, weapon, and room, therefore everything changes on a nightly basis...along with the script! I auditioned thinking it might to fun to try out, not expecting to get a big role. Well, they cast me at Miss Scarlet, which thankfully is NOT a big role, but I have found the whole thing to be extremely time consuming. We practiced four nights a week from 6:30-9:30 pm for a total of 6 weeks. I felt like I never got to spend any time with Josh when he got home from work before I had to rush out the door to practice.

Now that the play has opened, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Monday was my first day off from the play in a week. Last week's schedule: Mon. & Tues.-Dress Rehearsal, Wed.-Sneek Peek (Free show to work out the kinks), Thurs.- Opening Night with a sold out (plus a few more) house, Fri.-Performance with a slightly less than full house, Sat.-Another night performance with even fewer people, Sun.-Afternoon performance (home by 4:30 pm, only to have our Home Teachers come by. It was a nice lesson though.)

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off this week, then back to Thur.-Sat. night performances and one afternoon Sunday show. This goes on for yet another week, and then hopefully my life will slow down. Maybe.

(My mom, Miss Scarlet, and my dad after a performance)

I've thoroughly enjoyed learning the music and interacting with the cast, but I'm ready for a break. Josh asked if I was planning to do any more plays in the near future (with a look of dread on his face), to which I replied, "Not anytime in the next year!" Every one who has seen the play has said they enjoyed it, including my parents, Josh, and a co-worker of Josh's...along with all the theater regulars who have given me high praise on my voice and performance. It's been nice to receive such appreciation and compliments from strangers. Very sweet (and obviously drunk) people.

Here are some videos and pictures that Josh took with his phone. Not the best quality, but you get the idea. Our community is so small, I was recognized as Miss Scarlet today at my eye exam. It's a kind of faux-small town celebrity. Ha ha.

Gulit Suspects so far: Mr. Green, Miss Scarlet, Col. Mustard, and Professor Plum. We'll see how many times each of us is picked.