Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Belated Post of Halloween Costume

I know I'm very late posting this, but our Halloween was mostly uneventful, but the days following seemed jam-packed!
This year I couldn't decide what to make Lincoln for Halloween. Last year he was Darth Vader and I was Princess Leia. Josh was supposed to be Yoda but didn't tell me what he wanted me to make him, so he ended up in half of a Dr.'s costume (minus the scrub cap, face mask, and stethoscope) that I pulled out of storage. Because he wouldn't wear the accessories, I demoted him to "Male Nurse." hee he

This year, my first thought was to make both Josh and Lincoln "Handsome Devils" with horns on their heads and red shirts with white hand prints on them to make them "hand-some." But Josh wasn't thrilled about that. So I thought I could get a monkey costume for Linc and make a barrel for him to wear and be a monkey in a barrel. But by the time I thought of this, the costumes were gone.

Finally I decided to go with something easy, since Linc wasn't feeling great any way. Lincoln was a Texas Longhorn Football player with arm bands, a football rattle, and a cheek tatoo, I was the "Blind Ref", and Josh was the annoucer (since he couldn't dress up at work). All in all, we had fun.