Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Past

This Christmas season has been the best so far with Lincoln. He is old enough to enjoy the music, shows, and Santa. The last two years, even as an infant, he cried each time he saw Santa. And presents were just something we opened for him. I'm hoping that he will WANT to open presents this year. We'll see.

This year is always stressful for me because of the gift buying, figuring out where we are going and what family we will get to see. But the best part of year for me is seeing the smile on my kiddo's face when he really likes something. This year, that something has been "Elmo's Christmas Countdown." It's a video that we checked out from the local library and he has wanted to watch it over and over and over again. I credit Elmo for helping Lincoln feel more comfortable with Santa. Plus, his teachers at school have been talking about Santa.
My favorite moment thus far happened at our church Christmas party. Santa arrived, read a story, then the kids lined up to sit on Santa's lap. Lincoln stood in line, with a little help, then when it was his turn, he walked directly to Santa, sat on his lap and smiled!! As you look at our Santa pictures from the past years, you'll see what a big accomplishment this is.

I'm glad that Lincoln can recognize not only Santa, but his Savior as well. There was a picture of Santa and a picture of Jesus Christ on the same wall at a friend's house and he pointed to Santa and named him, then did the same with Jesus. I'm just happy that he is speaking so much more, but it was the icing on the cake to know he can recognize his Savior.

I feel very blessed this year, even with the tough trials and decisions that we've faced. I'm grateful to my Savior and Father in Heaven for all my blessings and for my wonderful and loving family. Merry Christmas!

2008- Mele Kelikemaka