Thursday, September 9, 2010

Smith Family Funniest Home Videos

I was going through some of the videos I have taken over the last couple years of Lincoln and some of them are hilarious (at least to me). So I thought I'd share a few...

August 2010- Asleep Standing Up

July 2010- 5 more minutes Mom.

December 2009- Crib Climbing

December 2009- "Yet, we're still here."

July 2009- Oatmeal head

Winter 2008- The "Blair Witch" Camera thief

Fall 2008- Hat trick

Family Weekend

This last weekend was filled with lots of fun and family blessings. My second to oldest nephew was baptized as a member of our church (Mormon) and my newest and only niece on my side of the family was given a baby blessing on Sunday.

Before we left town, Friday night we went to the Marble Falls High School football game, since the weather was BEAUTIFUL and a co-worker gave Josh her tickets. I was afraid Lincoln wouldn't like the noise, but he loved it. Especially the half-time show. By the end of the 3rd quarter, I could tell he was getting restless and we needed to get him to bed, so we left with the score 42-14 Marble Falls in the lead. I'm pretty sure they won the game, unless they pulled an MTSU stunt and lost in the last 2 minutes!

We started our trip to see family by stopping at a new deli in Spicewood called the "Down Under Deli." It's owned and operated by an Australian guy and they serve a few "Aussie" foods, so I surprised Josh by taking him there. He had a meat pie, although the Aussie Burger caught his eye too. Ever since he has been back from Australia, he talks about meat pies and the fish & chips. Well, after seeing and tasting a meat pie, I wouldn't fly all the way to the outback to have one. Although my roast beef sandwich was great!

We got to my mom's house in time to change clothes and get to the baptism, only to find out that the Bishop thought it started at 4:30 pm, not 4:00. So no one was there to open the building or fill up the baptismal faunt. Luckily, my brother-in-law had the keys to the building and they were able to fill the faunt in time for a 4:30 pm baptism.

(Left to Right)
Austin, Emily (Niece from Vine's family tree) Knox, Aidan, Braddock
Rosson and Lincoln

Then it was off to the Vine's house for a "Congratulations Aidan" and "Happy Birthday Rosson" combined party. It was nice to just hang out and see the improvements my older sister has made to her house.

The next morning at church, my younger sister's first girl was blessed. Her husband has LOTS of siblings and most of them were there with their families. I think there were 13 family members in the blessing circle. After church, we went to the Gallini house for lunch with all the family members and some out-of-town friends.

Baby Finley, Ang, and Mom

After the "blessing after-party" Josh, Linc and I went back to Nana and Papa's house to go swimming and shower. Lincoln rode Papa's tractor around the yard, then had a blast on the new schlitterbahn-water-park, 11 ft tall slide my mom had built for the pool. He absolutely LOVED it! Crazy kid. For those of you who are not familiar with Schlitterbahn water park, you should check it out and come visit Texas just to go there! Very fun!!

All in all, it was a busy but very blessed weekend. I'm proud of my nephew for choosing to be baptized and am grateful I was able to see both my nephew and niece involved in such important ordinances.