Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Pumpkin Pickin

I've been so wrapped up in my friends adoption story, I've forgotten to blog myself. Here are a few more pictures of Lincoln at the Pumpkin patch, which was really fun but crowded. We didn't stay long, but we'll probably go back again soon. They have an area where you can pick your own flowers. Beautiful blossoms too!!!

The weather here has been relatively warmer than 88 degrees lately. So we've been out on the porch or walking around our apt. complex a lot. Lincoln has gotten the hang of walking in his shoes, so we walked over to check the mail yesterday and the day before. He's getting really good. Only one little scraped knee so far.

When Lincoln was born, Josh's old company (ASMO in Waxahachie) sent us a plant, which I was sure I would kill long before now. I have a black thumb. To my surprise it has survived not only my horrible agricultural "care", but also a 200+ mile move, being re-planted twice and a child tugging at its vines. I'm really impressed with this plant, whatever it is. We try to water it when we can and Linc LOVES to help.

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