Friday, November 21, 2008

"Twilight"- Schmilight!

*For those of you who have read the Twilight books and loved them, you may disagree with me on this point and probably should stop reading this right now.*

I read the Twilight books and actually liked the first one, although I thought the content was MUCH too mature for its intended target audience of tweens and teenagers. But since it was entertaining, I read the second book which I thought was not as good as the first and lacked the amount of action of the first. Although I wasn't thrilled with the second, I still read the third.

Now, I don't know about you, but if I start a book (or movie) I have a very hard time NOT finishing it, no matter how bad it may be (except in cases of vulgar language). Half way through the third book, I actually WANTED the lead character, Bella, to die! I wanted her to get caught by the bad vampire and die. I was sick of her incessant whining and pining over her two "love interests." I guess it was indicitive of a 17 year old girl in "love", but it still was really annoying.

But as I said before, I felt almost obligated to finish the series, so I read the fourth and final book and that somewhat redeemed the series for me. Overall I am not a fan of the books and even less of a fan of the upcoming movie(s).

What makes this "Twilight" craze harder for me to watch is that fact that young girls, 10, 11, & 12 years old have read these books over and over again; a book that I feel is much too mature for them. I guess this makes me an old fuddy-duddy, but I just can't believe that responsible parents are allowing their young daughters to read about a girl, with almost no parental supervision, whose boyfriend (although a vampire) stays over night in her room with her, unbeknownst to her clueless father.

And the other thing I completely don't understand is how a book, that is targeted to girls under the legal driving age, can be so popular with 40 year old women! Last Sunday at church, someone passed out a flyer to announce they were all meeting tonight to attend the opening of the Twilight movie.

By the way, here is a recent review of "Twilight" from
"TWILIGHT" (2008) (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson)(PG-13)Drama/Horror: After relocating to a small town to live withher dad, a teenager meets and ends up falling for a teenage vampire who's torn between his love for her and his appetitefor her blood. Based on the novel of the same name, this is bad in a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" sort of way. There's purposefully overwrought teen angst, melodrama and soap opera trappings, a languid pace, mediocre to often bad direction, bland acting, really cheesy special effects, and a story that should have had a stake run through it due to being quite trite. All of which means the film is a chore to sit through, especially in its 120 or so minute incarnation. Rated PG-13, the film contains a little profanity, sexually related material (comments, brief fooling around, one girl showing a lot of cleavage),vampire-related violence, unsettling, suspenseful and/or scary moments, alcohol content, and a drug comment made as a metaphor."

It just strengthens my resolve that Hollywood is running out of good ideas and simply CAN NOT produce a movie that is free from sex, violence, drugs, and bad language, despite the non-R rating. I guess I'll just have to finish writing my movie I dreamed up a few years ago. I've had 110 pages written for years. Maybe I'll have time to finish it now that I'm home more....Nah. Who am I kidding?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Laughter is Contagious!!!

Turn up your speakers and get ready for a giggle!
It's little things like this that MAKE MY DAY!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The first of many shiners!

Yesterday, Lincoln and I were beginning our daily walk to the apartment mail boxes when I stopped to lock the car door of my truck. I heard a loud THUD and looked down at my feet to see Lincoln face down on the pavement. I scooped him up and it took him a second to realize that he was hurt, then once the pain kicked in he screamed bloody murder! I figure he must have lost his footing on a small patch of grass that is sloped slightly. He got a pretty good-sized goose egg on his head but the "road rash" on his eye is what looks horrible.

I tried to put an ice pack on it to try to reduce the swelling, but he really won't sit still. So I ended up with a cold rag while we watched Elmo. That seemed to work. I've also put a little Homeopathic First Aid Ointment on it to help it heal.
Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternate method of cooling? This morning, his eyelid was so swollen, he looked like Rocky Balboa after the 5th Rocky movie!
My poor kiddo!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leonard and Lincoln

I think every kid has a comfort item or snugglie. Lincoln's snugglie is Leonard the Leopard. About 2 months ago, Lincoln exchanged his pacifier for Leonard's tail permanently. Now Leonard is dragged around our house upside down before every nap time and snuggled at night. His poor tail is soaking wet after every nap. If Lincoln is fighting sleep, we'll take Leonard's tail and gently run it along Linc's nose. It helps put him asleep. Usually in the morning, I walk in Lincoln's room to find poor Leonard has been thrown overboard and has a nasty, crusty tail. Ah, how we LOVE Leonard!

Belated Post of Halloween Costume

I know I'm very late posting this, but our Halloween was mostly uneventful, but the days following seemed jam-packed!
This year I couldn't decide what to make Lincoln for Halloween. Last year he was Darth Vader and I was Princess Leia. Josh was supposed to be Yoda but didn't tell me what he wanted me to make him, so he ended up in half of a Dr.'s costume (minus the scrub cap, face mask, and stethoscope) that I pulled out of storage. Because he wouldn't wear the accessories, I demoted him to "Male Nurse." hee he

This year, my first thought was to make both Josh and Lincoln "Handsome Devils" with horns on their heads and red shirts with white hand prints on them to make them "hand-some." But Josh wasn't thrilled about that. So I thought I could get a monkey costume for Linc and make a barrel for him to wear and be a monkey in a barrel. But by the time I thought of this, the costumes were gone.

Finally I decided to go with something easy, since Linc wasn't feeling great any way. Lincoln was a Texas Longhorn Football player with arm bands, a football rattle, and a cheek tatoo, I was the "Blind Ref", and Josh was the annoucer (since he couldn't dress up at work). All in all, we had fun.