Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Then and Now Photo Shoot

The year Lincoln was born, we were living in Waxahachie, TX. In Spring 2008, I took Lincoln out to the playground to take pictures for Father's Day to surprise Josh. Ironically enough, Josh found the photos and framed them for me for Mother's Day the month before.
Not long ago, I found a shirt that was made of the same material as the shirt Lincoln wore in that 2008 photo shoot. So yesterday he wanted to wear his green shirt, so I thought it was a great opportunity to do another photo shoot. Our little boy is no longer little. He's growing up so fast. It's fun to watch him grow. Love you Linc!

Here is kiddo in April 2008...

Here is November 2011...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Enchanted Rock Trip

Every now and then we like to get together with our friends from the old San Marcos University Branch. This time around we met up with Adam and Rachael Bond and their family and Dan and Tannie Smith and their boys. We thought about going camping, but the burn ban is still in effect at every State Park. Camp fires are prohibited.

So our next thought was of Enchanted Rock. I hadn't been there in years and thought it might be a good place for the kiddos to climb rocks and play. We all met at Enchanted Rock and after a quick update on everyone and bathroom break, we began to climb.

Enchanted Rock is much bigger than I remember. Lincoln did a great job on the way up. He walked up with all the other big kids and stopped to climb on every rock he could. There is a cave system at the top of the rock, but it would have taken an hour to get through it because there were so many people there that day. We stopped and had a snack at the very top, which was a little difficult because of the wind. It was a beautiful day though.

The climb down, was a little different than on the way up. Linc started to have a melt down about half way down, and Josh and I took turns carrying him down on our backs. He would try to run, and soon found that running downhill can cause you to fall....which of course happened. I bet everyone that Lincoln would be the first to bleed and I won the bet. He scraped his hand and knee, and got in trouble for not listening to us telling him NOT to run! Bad trip down for kiddo.

We got to the car and determined our next destination for some well known hamburgers. It took about an hour to get to the restaraunt, outside of Fredericksburg, so that gave Linc time to nap in the car.

Head Staples

Lincoln fell down about two weeks ago and cracked the back of his head open. It was bleeding quite a bit but slowed when I put him in the shower, but he still needed stitches or something to close the wound. We took him to a Minor Emergency Clinic in Marble Falls to see the Doctor, since it was a Saturday.

They looked at him and said he needed one staple to keep it shut. So I hugged him hard and wrapped him in a sheet then we laid down on the table. It took all of 10 seconds for the Doctor to clean and staple his head. No problem.

We were on our way to check out and were told it would be almost $400!!! FOR ONE STAPLE!! Our country's medical system is SO messed up. Then we were told that we would have to pay to have it removed too. After talking with one of the nurses, I convinced her to take it out at no charge. When she did so, she told me it was difficult to remove because it was in there crooked! Ah, the frustrations of the medical system!!

My First Bout with Strep Throat

Early last week, I had a really sore throat and couldn't sleep because it hurt so much. It burned to swallow or even breathe. So, after a quick doctor's visit, I tested positive for Strep. I spent the next two days in bed, on antibiotics, sipping soup that Josh so lovingly ordered for me. He took a couple days off work to take care of me and keep Lincoln away from me. I didn't want to get either of them sick.

I'm feeling much better now, but still have a few days worth of antibiotics to take. Hopefully no one else catches this.