Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

We had our "Trunk or Treat" at church yesterday and had a lot of fun. Josh dressed up as a Chilean Miner, just out of the mine, Lincoln was a version of Count von Count from Sesame Street, and I was the "Black Sheep of the family." Everyone's costumes were fairly easy to put together, except mine. I decided to hand dye 400 cotton balls black, then wash and dry them, then I had to pull them apart to regain their fluffiness (individually) and then hot glue them to my black sweatshirt. A very labor-intensive costume that made me look like (according to many at the party) a poodle and a wolf. Oh well.

The Romrell family (Super cute!)

Austin, Alex, and Jannie Medley

My friend/partner in crime, Jessica, made this amazing pumpkin cake for the party. It's become a tradition for one of us or both to make a cake for our ward parties. This one was great!! Good job Jess!
Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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  1. Great costumes! I say next time you just buy those little black puff balls that are in the craft section.