Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010 Sea World Trip

Saturday, October 16th, we went to Sea World San Antonio with my older sister and one of her boys, Aidan. We've taken Lincoln there before but he was only 1 year old and we thought he might be old enough to enjoy all the animals this time around.
First stop, as always, was to see the Dolphins (My favorite!) Lincoln tried to feed them some fish, but when they came remotely close, he would pull back and say "No, No, NO." Overall he did great and really enjoyed watching them swim and splash. He kept telling me they were "Wimming" as they swam by.
We tried a couple kiddie rides, like this mini ferris wheel and the Shamu roller coaster. Earlier this year at the theme park on our trip to Branson, he screamed when he had to sit down on the ride and then again when it was time to get off. This time he was great. No crying or screaming to speak of. I think he actually enjoyed them.

Lacey and Aidan (age 8)

Josh and Linc on Shamu rollercoaster

Although it was a LOT of walking, we were smart enough to bring his stroller and he rode most of the time. We had a great time. We got to see a little of everything...Penguins, walrus, seals, Shamu, owls, alligators, flamingos, and lots of dolphins! Lots of fun for everyone!!!

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