Thursday, November 6, 2008

The first of many shiners!

Yesterday, Lincoln and I were beginning our daily walk to the apartment mail boxes when I stopped to lock the car door of my truck. I heard a loud THUD and looked down at my feet to see Lincoln face down on the pavement. I scooped him up and it took him a second to realize that he was hurt, then once the pain kicked in he screamed bloody murder! I figure he must have lost his footing on a small patch of grass that is sloped slightly. He got a pretty good-sized goose egg on his head but the "road rash" on his eye is what looks horrible.

I tried to put an ice pack on it to try to reduce the swelling, but he really won't sit still. So I ended up with a cold rag while we watched Elmo. That seemed to work. I've also put a little Homeopathic First Aid Ointment on it to help it heal.
Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternate method of cooling? This morning, his eyelid was so swollen, he looked like Rocky Balboa after the 5th Rocky movie!
My poor kiddo!


  1. he does not look horrible, he looks TUFF! you look awesome lincoln! what a man! (p.s. i'm late but wraping the ice pack in a towel or those stuffed animals made for that is a suggestion.) i love you.

  2. Ahh...poor little guy. I think it's harder for the moms than it is the kiddos.

  3. Sorry...I forgot to get back to you on your question. Prop 102 was to make the definition of marriage between one man and one women here in Arizona. It passed.

  4. I hope Lincoln is feeling better! I think Elmo is the best cure for most things at that age :)

  5. Oh my. Poor little guy. Don't worry, there will be worse ones! :-) He's still precious!