Monday, November 24, 2014

Change of Plans...One Step Back

As of last night, Josh was set to have his staples removed, pack up and be released Monday afternoonish. But this morning he was given a pain pill, as always, but he had an empty stomach which caused him to vomit about 45 minutes later. This, along with the fact that his white blood count levels are a little high, led the doctors to order another CT Scan for him today.

They want to make sure there is no fluid building up internally from surgery that is keeping his stomach from "waking up". They explained that if there is a fluid pocket anywhere behind or around the stomach, the stomach basically plays "posseum" and will not function properly. His appetite could be small (which it is), his white blood counts could be high and he could vomit. Since all three things are happening, they ordered the scan.

They have the scan scheduled sometime today, but don't know when. They will give him his contrast with juice in about 10 minutes. Hopefully, they will be able to see something and fix it. If fluid is found internally, they will need to insert a drain and observe him for 24 hours. Looks like at least another night at MD Anderson. Nerts!


  1. Miss the heck out of you guys, I really wish we were there to help! On the bright side, Josh and I will have something else to commiserate about (The 'Beetus). Looking at the storm you're weathering, I can't help but think there's truly marvelous blessings on the horizon.

  2. Lacey you and Josh are amazing people. I have always felt that That way. I know you guys have great faith and strong testimonies. You have been through so much but you have gone through it with a positive attitude where I know a lot of people who would have been cursing God and saying why me. You two have always been a great example to me of strength and love. Holly Olson