Monday, November 24, 2014

A Small Set Back

So we've gotten the results of the CT scan back and it confirmed that Josh has some fluid build up behind his stomach, which is causing his lack of appetite, inability to eat a meal larger than a few bites, and his vomiting. The doctors will put him on an antibiotic to keep any infection from appearing or spreading and it should help the fluid absorb back into his body.

They will discuss the scan results with Radiology tomorrow to see if a drain is necessary, but the Doc was almost sure they would not need it. Josh is still tube-less for now, but they will have to use an IV for the antibiotics and the other meds.

All of this means at least a couple more days here! UGH!! We both are so sick of this room and being here. I just want to get him home, but I want to make sure he's stable before we leave. The LAST thing I want is to leave sooner than needed and something go wrong when we go home.

On the plus side, Josh's work is participating in the No Shave November Cancer awareness month and Josh's bear is coming in great! Haha. We'll take what we can get...

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