Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Miracle Worker

This year, I've been introduced and have enjoyed performing in our local community theater productions. Earlier this year, I played "Miss Scarlet" in "Clue: The Musical." Then they called me to audition for "The Miracle Worker" as Annie Sullivan. Honestly, I wasn't thrilled about auditioning, but I thought I could give it a shot. I've never performed in a dramatic role and wasn't sure how good I would be.
Well, the play opened two weeks ago and we are in the final stretch and it's been getting GREAT reviews. I have been especially surprised by the wonderfully positive response to my performance. Countless people have told me that it was the "best play I've ever seen here in the 25 years the theater has been open." And how my performance moved them to tears.
It's amazing the positive feedback we've been getting. I never thought that I'd be any good at drama because I'm such a goof, but I guess I'm channeling my frustration with teaching Lincoln how to speak into my role as Annie teaching Helen Keller how to "speak."
Here are a few pictures of the cast and crew and some others of the performance. It's been a LOT of work and LOTS MORE memorization, but the wonderful comments have made it worthwhile.

Lacey with the "blind girls"

"The Miracle Worker" Cast

Cast and Crew

Josh, mom, and me...with Malik's arms...

This was taken from off stage by Denise (Viney) with her phone. It's the final scene of the play, where Annie tells Helen that she loves her. Get out the tissues!!! And a really cool picture!

This is a video of a portion of "the breakfast scene" where Annie is trying to get Helen to eat with a spoon. It's a funny scene, especially when the audience gets excited and involved.

It's been a lot of work, but overall, it's been fun and fulfilling. Now, I promise I won't do another one until next season. Oh, yeah, they also used my picture from "Clue" on the cover of this season's program guide. So, my picture will be on every program guide until Sept. 2011!! At least it's a decent picture.


  1. I am not surprised but i am extremely impressed! You really CAN do anything you set your mind to. I love you Lacey and think you are a beautiful woman and mom and wifey. now we can add master thesbian to your accomplished list! :) I'm glad you auditioned even though it's hard cause it seems you've revitalized the community theater (also not surprised that you have that ability, it is your passion and gift). Keep up the good work friend. xoxo

  2. Keep doing the plays so one of these times I can actually get up there to see one!