Monday, November 22, 2010

Last Pumpkins of the Season

Last week, Lincoln and I went to the farm near our town that sells pumpkins in the Fall and Strawberries in the Spring. I knew the farm would be closing soon so we went out one more time this year to take some pictures.
We've taken a picture on this tractor at the farm for the last three years.

Lincoln has a little scratch on his forehead that he keeps picking at. It won't heal and keeps getting bigger, thus the band-aid.

We went out with a friend and her young son to let them run out their energy. We had lots of fun in the hay maze and climbing in the pumpkin boats. We were the only ones there and didn't think anything of it, until we asked when they closed and were told they "were already closed to the public." Ooops! They didn't care because we didn't buy anything anyway. But the boys had fun!!

Taking turns "driving" the boat!

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