Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Water skiing on the lake

We went out on the lake for the first time as a family with another family in the Ward. They invited us out on their boat to go water skiing and ride on their towable. We grabbed our suits and lifejackets and some rootbeer and headed out on the lake.

It was my first time on a speed/ski boat since I was very young. Josh has been water skiing before and wanted to give it another shot. At first, we set anchor and jumped in the water to cool off. After a little while, Lincoln and I got in the towable raft and were pulled behind the boat. Lincoln liked it as first, but once we went a little faster and started to hit the bumps, he said, "All done. All done." We switched the towable for the water skis and Josh started first.

Although he said he hasn't skied in 10-15 yrs, he did great! His face was so cute when he got up on those skis but the best face he made was when he fell down. I wish I had my camera.
Then it was my turn. I've never water skied in my life and I was really excited, but scared of face-planting in the water.

Our friend fired up the boat and started to pull me and I got up on the skis the FIRST TIME! Not only that, but I kept going for a long time! It was so fun.

Our friend's son showed us how great he could ski (he was really great) and then we swam a little longer, listened to music, told jokes, and just had fun. It was a late night, for us and Lincoln, but it was lots of fun!

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