Friday, August 6, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover

We've been working hard on finishing our laundry room makeover. We originally had one long shelf above the washer and dryer but it looked very cluttered and didn't provide very much storage. I needed more storage for my Food Storage and to hide all the the junk that we had on the shelf.

So we bought pre-made cabinets and white-washed them. After dismantling the shelf and fixing the wall, we painted the wall a color called "Silver Fox", then hung the cabinets and added shelving. We still need to add molding at the top and bottom, but we're almost finished.

Now on to the landscaping....


  1. i LOVE what you did, it looks significantly better and more organized as you planned. good job! mike was just today wishing you were here to fix a tshirt of his that came unseamed. lol. ;)