Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today's nap...sort of.

I put Lincoln in his room and on his bed for his "nap/quiet time" around 1:00 pm. After the kicking and screaming stopped (after about 5 minutes) I thought he may have fallen asleep. I leaned my ear close to the door to listen in around 2:00 pm. Still awake and it sounded like he was reading books. So I thought I'd give him another hour. This is what I found when I went in his room at 3:00 pm...

(I tried downloading the video, but it's not working. I'll try again tomorrow.)
He basically tore a shelf off of his bookshelf, dumped a tub of out-grown clothes on the floor in his closet, tore apart yet another book, and then fell asleep slumped over his toy chest. All in the name of "NOT TAKING A NAP!"

When he woke up, I found that he had a stinky diaper, which may be one reason he didn't want to lay down. Poor guy. You may now continue to laugh at my crazy child.

I picked him up and layed him is his bed while I cleaned up the mess and he acted like his legs were cramped up in the same position he was standing in. There is never a dull day around here....

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