Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter 2009 Recap

Our Easter this year was not at all what I expected, but I guess with an 18 month old son, nothing can be EXPECTED!
Our plan this year was to visit the local library to pet some real bunnies on Thursday, visit with some old friends on Saturday and do an egg hunt at the park, then go to church on Sunday in our new blue and white plaid pants and matching (yet bought at separate times) sweater vest and white collared shirt. Here is what really happened....

Thursday, April 9th: We went to the Library for the "Easter Bunny" petting time. I was excited, thinking Lincoln would love to sit and pet the bunnies. Mistake No. 1. We got there after delivering some handmade Hand-print Lillies to Josh's co-workers, and found that there were about 12-15 kids already there grouped around three separate bunnies. Instead of being excited about the bunnies, Lincoln started squeeling with joy at the sight of all the kids. He started running around talking to all the little girls first (he is his father's son) then to anyone that would pay attention to him. All he wanted to do was run around or lay on the floor. I finally got him to take a couple pictures with the bunny, but even that was a struggle. He didn't want anything to do with that bunny, cute as it was. We managed to get ONE good picture.

Friday, April 10th: Lincoln started acting really grumpy and running a slight fever, so we gave him some Tylenol, lots of water, and put him to bed early, hoping he would feel better in the morning.

Saturday, April 11th: Lincoln's temperature was still high so we decided to nip-it-in-the-bud and give him a cool bath. Josh gets teary when he hears his sweet boy scream and cry during the bath so I did the bath and Josh got him dressed. He felt a little better after that, but still not himself. Our friends Dan and Tannie Smith brought their two boys over for the local Easter Egg Hunt in Marble Falls, then we were going to go back to our house to catch up and hang out.

Josh dropped Linc and I off at the egg hunt and then went to park the car. As Linc and I were walking to the designated little kid spot, we walked past the loud speaker exactly at the moment the announcer yelled into the microphone "Are we all ready?" It scared Lincoln and hurt my ears, so I'm sure it hurt his. He grabbed my neck and wouldn't let go the rest of the time. We practiced finding eggs and putting them in his basket at the house all week. Now he wouldn't even get down to grab one egg. I couldn't help but feel bad for him, so I didn't subject him to the terror of visiting the Easter Bunny, whose costume was very shabby and not the bunny I remember being as a Parks and Rec intern!!!
You can tell he doesn't feel great. Poor guy. He went home and slept most of the day and had to endure another cold bath.

Sunday, April 12th: Easter morning, Lincoln's temperature was still high and he was vomitting, so Josh went to his meeting before church then came home and we spent Easter in our pajamas nursing a sick kiddo. It wasn't fun for anyone, but we later found out that a stomach virus was going around and Linc had picked it up some how.
Needless to say, our Easter was a bust but we were happy to be together as a family. Last year, I made Linc a matching vest and tie and thought I would avoid that this year, but I ended up making him at least a tie on Saturday night. I'll post a picture once he wears it. Ah, life's little speed bumps.....they make you slow down and count your blessings!!!!


  1. first of all, can't wait to see the tie. 2, i'm so sorry for baby lincoln (not a baby i know, 'big boy') and 3 i miss you so much right now i think my eyes are watering... i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that means all of you, not just one). texas is so lucky to have you. ;(....

  2. Aww, I hope Lincoln feels better soon.