Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Colorado Trip!

We recently went to visit Josh's brother and his family near Boulder, CO. Our flight left on a Thursday morning at 8:30 am, so getting up and out the door with plenty of time was going to be difficult, especially since I like to pack everything in advance and Josh likes to do things last minute. We got everything packed except our toothbrushes and the clothes we were going to wear on the plane. The last thing I wanted to do was get Linc up and in the car, which actually happened.

We got to the airport, which is a good hour away, and I needed to change Linc's diaper and out of his PJ's. I went to change Linc and Josh went back to the car to get the car seat we forgot. Can you believe that the Austin airport does NOT have a baby changing station? So that made things a little more difficult. We got checked in and were finally on the plane, so I started to give Linc something to eat to keep his ears from hurting and we were in the air. Not ten minutes later....KIDDO PUKE!!!!! Lots of puke!! I felt really bad for him because everything I had given him for breakfast came up. Funnily enough, one of Josh's co-workers had just given Linc a t-shirt that reads "BARF VADER". Nothing could be more true!

After the inital vomit, everyone was okay. Denver was almost 30 degrees colder than Austin. It felt GREAT!! It was a little wet from some slight drizzle, but beautiful. Just cool enough for a light jacket and long sleeve shirt.

Instead of going through the whole trip, I think I'll list the good and bad things that happened.

Good: We had a non-stop flight.
Bad: Lincoln puked on the way there. And I mean puked up EVERYTHING!

Good: The weather was cool and a little wet.
Bad: The weather got more wet and cold, plus it was windy on Friday.

Good: We hung out at the house and just relaxed. No set schedule.
Bad: The kids (and us) got a little stir-crazy.

Good: All four adults shared a "VERMONSTER" Ice Cream BUCKET with 20 scoops of 4 different kinds of ice cream, 3 brownies, 2 bananas, 2 cookies, 4 ladels of hot fudge, 1 scoop of m&m's, 1 scoop of chocolate sprinkles, and a whole lot of whipped cream.
Bad: We ALMOST ate it all (we estimate we left about 6 scoops of ice cream in the bucket). And the boys gave up BEFORE the girls!

Good: Linc and his girl cousin loved each other.
Bad: Linc and his girl cousin didn't love each other (but only when Linc stole a toy). They made up very quickly! They are entranced with the DVD, since neither of them watch much TV.

Good: We played lots of games after bed time, including Guitar Hero!! (My secret addiction)
Bad: We had sore fingers from playing so much.

Good: We ate at home mostly and made some REALLY great hamburgers, sandwiches, and kabobs.
Bad: Josh made Queso and Pretzels (which also could be considered a good thing) but we ate it ALL.

Good: We went to the Denver Zoo on Saturday. It was very quiet, due to the cool/wet weather. Bad: Nothing! We had a great time!

Good: We relaxed at home the night before leaving and played games.
Bad: Lincoln only got about 4 hours sleep because he woke up at midnight and barely slept after that.....which meant neither did I. Here he is surprising refreshed after almost NO SLEEP!! Crazy kid!

All in All:
We had a really GREAT time visiting our family and playing with our one and only niece. We were also VERY glad to get home and sleep in our own beds. But we LOVED Colorado!

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  1. i'm sorry but my favorite part of this whole post and i loved the whole thing (especially the scary hippo.. uncle mike's #1 fear) is the video and not how cute and precious Lincolns cheeks are but it's when you pan to Joshy and he seems at first like he's still in his Ice Cream coma. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ;D LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO he he he he he heh e h he...

    also, to see evans' hair, let me refer you to "the cutest laundry" post. Now... i wish your kid would quit smiling!