Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tip-toe through the Bluebonnets!!

Lincoln and I went on a quick trip to Dallas last week. Our very good friend Rachael Bond is having her first baby boy and we were driving up to attend the baby shower. The fastest route from here to Dallas is up Hwy 281, which is west of IH-35 and has MUCH better scenery and traffic! So we got in the car and headed up on a slightly hazy day, which helped keep things a little darker and allowed Linc to sleep for a while.

On the way, I saw some patches of bluebonnets along the side of the road and since it was a very rural road, I pulled over and we ran through the bluebonnets to stretch.

Here are some of the better pictures we took. We had a GREAT time with Rach and can't wait for Lincoln to play with their little "baby boy bond".

I love that little laugh!


  1. I really miss seeing bluebonnets so thanks for posting these pics! How's Rachael & Adam? I miss them a lot!