Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Port Aransas Beach Trip

We finally made it back to Port Aransas this year. We hadn't been in two years and I was getting anxious to go. Our friends ended up joining us and we had a great time! We stayed at a condo with a kitchen, living room and one bedroom. It was so much better than a hotel room. We grabbed some groceries to fill the fridge with breakfast and lunch stuff then went out to eat for dinner.

We didn't get down to the coast until early evening on Friday and went straight to the beach! Lincoln loved it even more than last time we were there. He especially loved jumping in the waves. Digging in the sand, running through the seaweed, chasing Allie and Sam, and hugging Noah took up the rest of Lincoln's time at the beach....but Lincoln's favorite activity of the weekend has been peeing outside! Ever since Josh had to pull over on the way to school to let Lincoln pee, Linc has gone out of his way to pee outside. And since we were outside almost all weekend, he took advantage of it. Everywhere we went, I would turn around to find he had pulled down his drawers and was relieving himself. He never had to pee this much before.

This tree is over 1,000 years old!! Amazing. Lincoln peed here too.

Yet again...

Linc at the pier. He's got a good stream going!

Sam, Linc, and Allie on the pier at Rockport.

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