Friday, March 12, 2010

Elvis is IN the building!!

Our church congregation held a Sock Hop and invited an Elvis impersonator. I was in charge of decorations. I had an idea to put the gates of "Graceland" on the wall behind Elvis as he was performing. I was going to use a computer to project the image on the wall, then use electrical tape to make the gates.

Well, the projector that we thought would work wasn't meant to be used for something as big as the wall. So, after painting the grassy background for the lawn, I had to FREE-HAND both the gates with the tape, which includes two Elvis figures, and Graceland Mansion..all within about an hour!! I think it turned out pretty good. We were all working up until the last minute to get it all finished, but it all looked great! Here are some pictures.

I also made a Record Cake for the party. It turned out pretty good too.

Blowing kisses...

Elvis was GREAT!!! He sang directly to several of the older ladies, who just loved it. Look at the kids...they are mesmorized.

No one wanted to tear down the Graceland Gates, so I had to do it. Two days of work crumpled up in 5 seconds. Oh well.


  1. 'turned out pretty good'? what are you talking about crazy lacey!? it was AMAZING!! great job! especially with the time constraint. wow. you are one of a kind, i tell ya. and the cake, sweet. (no pun intended)

  2. Lacey, your cake looks awesome!! Hope you all are doing well. Love ya