Thursday, February 25, 2010

Growth Spurt?

Ususally, Lincoln eats his fair share of food in the house but yesterday he was a human garbage disposal. Here is a list of the meals (yes I said MEALS) this kid ate...not in any order.

Bowl of Cheerios (two refills) with milk
2 Whole Graham Crackers
Bowl of Spaghetti and meatballs with noodles
Whole apple
Bowl of applesauce
8-10 club crackers (multi-grain)
Another 2 Whole Graham Crackers
Whole Nectarine
Lots of Animal Crackers
Half a banana

Every time he was hungry, I could hear the couch side table being pushed over to the pantry. He stands on top of the table to reach everything but the top shelf. I have to move everything up there or put it in another cabinet. He is SO tall!!

Funny Things He Does
*He came to find me in the bedroom while I was putting laundry away to show me he was "helping" put his blanket away.

*He likes to carry both of his water bottles around.

*Dad taught him how to "body slam" which means running into you at full speed, hoping you will fall backwards and hug him. But Linc only says, "baa-eee" and then runs into you. Pretty funny.

*Dad took him the to park to play on the tire swing and he loved it!


  1. I didn't know he fell off!! I just watched this whole thing for the first time! Nice daddy.

  2. Haha...he's growin' on you again! I always know it's about time to get new clothes for the girls when I feel like they're emptying out our fridge and pantry.

  3. i saw it too! ;) lol.
    cute stories. ;)