Thursday, October 1, 2009

Three Birthday Parties?

Lincoln got spoiled this year with birthday parties. We had his first party here at our house the weekend before his actual birthday because we would out of town on his birthday. We invited lots of kids from church and friends so our small dining room felt even smaller.
I made an Elmo/drum cake for him. The only Elmo topper I could find was of several Sesame Street characters (including Elmo) playing musical instruments. Thus the drum cake. It was cute, but if I ever make another drum cake I'll do it differently.
Lincoln did a great job with all the kids around and with the cake. He tried to blow out his candles but they were kind of stubborn, so mom helped. Then cake and ice cream for all.

The next party was actually ON his birthday, Sept. 27th at a friend's house outside the Dallas area. Our hostess made cupcakes with a different Elmo topper (way cutier than mine) and we celebrated with her family and us. It was very nice to keep it smaller. Linc succeeded at blowing out the candle this time and was absolutely delighted when we cheered. I think he finally was understanding that he was doing something fun. It was lots of fun!

The final stop on the birthday train took us to Nana and Papa's house in San Marcos the Monday following Linc's b-day. My mom (Nana) made a Turkey and had everyone bring a side, then we ate an octopus shaped pound cake that is always a crowd pleaser. Nana didn't have any candles, so we used fire starter matches. He is the 6th grandson...give her a break. She can't get candles for ALL of them! hee hee

We made our way home the next day, totally exhausted and ready for a good night sleep in our own beds. Thank you to everyone who made Lincoln's birthday special for us. Lots of Love!!!

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  1. I can't believe he is 2 already! Happy Birthday Lincoln!