Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun things this summer, thus far...

So far this summer, we've done a few fun things and plan for many more.

San Antonio Zoo:
Lincoln and I went to the SA Zoo while waiting for Daddy to finish his conference sessions. They have a fun little kid's area with a "river" where the kids can splash around and get wet. Lincoln LOVED it! We went at the wrong time of day to see all the animals so the water area was a great way to spend some time there. It was way too hot by the time we got there and the animals were all either sleeping or hiding from the sun.

Linc loves older kids, especially girls! Every time I turn around he's kissing someone. Below is a picture of him trying to kiss the older girl in the water. Heart-breaker! I'm worried already!

Other activities include visiting the public library, swimming at the public pool, and playing in the back yard. Hopefully our trip to the beach will materialize soon and we are looking forward to our up coming trip to Nashville/Atlanta!!! We're trying to get a trip planned to go to Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve and some other swimming holes in the area! It's just too hot to do anything NOT water related!

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  1. Let us know if you would like some company at Hamilton Pool! We would love to join you.