Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hectic Holiday Season

Sorry it's been so long since my last blog. I could never make a committment to blog every day of the month like my other "blogeriffic" friends (Meredith "Robinson" Smith)! Love ya!
Like everyone else, we had a pretty crazy, hectic, chaotic holiday visiting family, after Christmas shopping (kuddos to Josh for spending 6 hours with the Moon girls), traveling, eating, baking, partying, hosting, game playing, and house hunting.

Our favorite things we did this year was having our first REAL Christmas morning as a family, visiting our town's little Trail of Lights, and remembering our 1st Christmas when Linc was 3 months. Lincoln is old enough now to rip into (gingerly at first, but he figured it out) his presents so we had our own Christmas morning.

Then we drove down to my parent's house in San Marcos. Fast forward through two days of eating, shopping, movie watching, and Wii playing, and we stopped off to visit Josh's mom on our way home.

My ever-growing family.....
Austin James Kaliei Vines- 9 yrs
Aidian Michael Haveka Vines- 6 yrs
Rosson Cole Gallini- 4 yrs
Knox Benjamin Gallini- 3 yrs (Jan. 2nd)
Braddock Lane Gallini- 17 months
Lincoln Michael Smith-15 months
Nana and Linc

The following Monday, my mom and my nephew's, Austin and Aidan, came to help us find a house....and we did! More about the house later. They spent the night and had to go home the next day. Then Wednesday, we hosted a New Year's Eve party with Rachael and Adam Bond and their two girls, Samantha (6 yrs) and Allie (3 yrs). The kids took our bed, Lincoln slept in his crib, and the adults crashed on the floor in the living room. It was really fun. I wish they lived closer.
We also got a really fun game from some new friends. It's called Wits and Wagers. The basic rules are everyone answers a numerical question (for example: What year did the show "Friends" first air?") then everyone shows their answers. Each player can then guess which player's answer is the closest without going over, even if it's not their own. There is never a clear winner until the final question and the chips and stakes can get pretty high. It's really fun.
Now, about the house...We found a newly constructed home (almost finished) in Horseshoe Bay, TX, which is 5.9 miles from our current residence. It's still in our same county and in the Marble Falls school district. It's within our price range, is on 1/3 of an acre (about all we could afford around here) and it really cute. It's smaller than what we were looking for originally, but beggers can't be choosers! I think our eyes were a little bigger than our wallets when we first started looking. This will be a great home for us....if everything goes through. Pray for us, please!


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out about our game, Wits & Wagers! We are really glad you like it so much. Hope you have many more hours of enjoyment with it. That is why we make the games.

    Happy New Year,
    North Star Games.

  2. YEAH! Glad to see you back online! I needed a little Lincoln fix! Good luck on the house, and sooooo sorry to hear about having to get a new TV. That must suck! :-)