Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All our DIY projects

We've been busy at the house making improvements, some out of necessity, but mostly just to improve the function of things around the house.

This is our project out of necessity. We had a towel bar, but Lincoln tried to hang from it. So it was pulled from the wall not once...not twice....but three separate times, even though I just about BOLTED it to the wall stud. So we had to switch out to hooks. Hopefully it will keep him from pulling this off the wall.
I used an old shelf we white washed, added vinyl letters, painted over the lettering, removed the letters, then sanded. I also taped off the center rectangle before painting it brown.
**Here's my DIY hint: Hide the stud screws behind the hooks. That way the board is secured to the wall but there's no ugly screw heads showing.**

(Hidden Screws)

Here's Lincoln's DIY. While eating his "icy pop", his fingers got too cold. So he ran into the kitchen and came back with my oven mit. Now THAT'S my brilliant boy!!! Who needs cold fingers!!

In the back of the house, we have a giant mound where our septic tank is buried. I am tired of walking up and down the mound to the back porch, so we used some left over slate and concrete to build a stairway to the back porch. We built frames, secured them with rebar, poured and smoothed the concrete in the frames, and adhered the slate to top and rise of the concrete slabs. The only thing we have left to do is grout in between the stones.

Here's the unfinished steps. All the steps are now covered with slate.

Handyman Josh mixing the quickcrete for the last step.

Last but not least, I had to organize under my kitchen sink. It was out of control and I couldn't find anything I needed. We just had a box of mess under the sink so I wanted a pull out drawer, but the pull out drawers at lowe's were $60. I just happened to be at IKEA and found a closet pull out drawer in the AS IS section for $9.99. It was meant to fit a wall closet section.

It was meant to attach to the side walls of the closet section, so I had to drill holes in the bottom of the brackets to fit to the bottom of my cabinet. Then I just attached it.



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