Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Lincoln!!

Enjoying his birthday cake!

Our little boy turned 4 years old today. As they say, time flies. We are amazed at how fast the time has flown. He is as tall, as fast, and as fearless as any older boy. We had a school evaluation today and were told that he is above his age range academically but still needs to work on his speech. We are SO proud of him and all the progress he has made. This year in class with his wonderful teachers should be a great one.

Saturday we had a birthday swim party for Lincoln and his friends at the City pool. Last year, we had his party at the pumpkin patch and it was too hot. This year, at the pool, the weather was perfect for a swim. The water was VERY cold at first, but still felt nice.

He had lots of friends there and received lots of cool gifts, including a Toy Story Sherriff Woody and Bullseye Josh and I got him. Everyone had a good time.

Angelene, two weeks away from kiddo #5 and Finley looking on.

Nice ears hon!

Samuel and Mom, Amy

Curtis and Jane Hale

Lincoln and Nana, enjoying a Mickey Mouse cupcake.

Samuel and Lincoln

Our playdate friends, Amy and Samuel

Every birthday, I've made Lincoln a Birthday hat and shirt. This year's theme was Mickey Mouse. Happy Birthday my big boy!!!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Lincoln. We love you and think you are so smart and sweet. We miss you and wish we could have come to your party as well.
    I was going to ask if "Samuel" was linc's cousin, they look like brothers, seriously. just another cutie. Looks like you had a wonderful party.