Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last day of School

Lincoln's teachers: Angie, Hollie, and Christina

During the last few weeks of school for Lincoln his class was learning about the ocean and summer. Since both the morning and the afternoon classes would be meeting together on the final day to watch "Finding Nemo", I told his teachers that I would bring a cake for everyone.

Then, Miss Tina approached me about possibly doing a baby shower cake for Miss Hollie (another teacher who is expecting her first boy). Two cakes in two days was a fun and I think they turned out great. I didn't want to make the kids cake too crazy, so a plain sheet cake did the trick. The last day of school arrived and I was sad because Lincoln wouldn't have his teachers to help him over the summer (and I'm worried about my own teaching abilities) and that he wouldn't see his class mates until August!

They had a fun day though. Everyone watched the movie and had snacks, then the Pre-K class (who had also joined the PPCD class) left and the rest of us had cake. It was lots of fun.

As a "Thank You" to his teachers, I photoshopped Lincoln's head into a book that is about a little boy who is always in trouble. I thought it was appropriate. At the end of the book, Lincoln gets a gold star and a "Good Job, Lincoln" from his teacher and skips home. Everyone really liked it and Miss Tina said another teacher saw it and cried. These teachers REALLY love their kids!! Here a few of my favorite pages.

Here are some of his crafts from the last few weeks of school...

I'm SO grateful to Christina, Hollie, and Angie for all their hard work and support this year! They were instrumental to the progress Lincoln made since last October. They will forever be in our hearts and loved by us all!

So we've got a handwriting ciriculum to work on over the summer, lots of swimming planned, a trip or two to San Antonio Sea World and the zoo, and lots of sunscreen ahead of us. It's going to be a great summer!!

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  1. You are so creative! I love the book and the cakes!! We'll have to meet up at Sea World one of these days. We've got season passes, but have yet to go this year!