Friday, January 29, 2010

My Little Acrobat

We have decided that Lincoln is destined to be an acrobat or stunt man of some kind. Every time we turn around, he is doing flips or head stands. His newest word is "bau-ee", which is the first part of "Body Slam", then he runs directly into you forcing you to fall down. Maybe he will be a wrestler. His wrestler name could be "THE MISSING LINC".

We are still working on putting more than one word together at a time. He is getting better, but refuses to respond. He is very stubborn too. He understands EVERYTHING we say, but just won't reply with his words. He can recognize all of his letters and numbers up to 20!! It's crazy. I think he is just waiting for Josh to let a swear word slip to impress us with how well he can speak! That should be fun.

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