Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crib Solution

A couple weeks ago, Lincoln learned how to climb INTO his crib, which only meant he was pretty sure how to climb OUT and crack his little noggin. Not yet ready to deal with the headache of keeping a running (nevers walks, always runs) 27 month old in his "big boy bed", or with the hassle of buying a big boy bed, Josh and I came up with a temporary solution that we think is pretty darn brilliant!

We cut a wooden dowel rod used for our closet (to hang clothes on) and added the two plastic end caps to his crib a few inches above the crib railing. The bar can spin, if he tries to escape, and it's high enough that, for the time being, he can't swing his leg over it. I'm sure there are mother's out there who are appalled at our attempt to "stifle his development" and "keep him from progressing", but they obviously haven't met my very ACTIVE (trouble-making) son. Spend a day/night with him and you'll see things from my perspective.

So far, it's worked and it has let everyone in the family sleep peacefully...for the most part.


  1. wow! that is crazy! also i like how he tried to escape through the matress! LOL. that is one determinded kid... hmm... where EVER could he get THAT trait from... hmm.... ;)