Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009- The Peanut Gallery

Lincoln enjoying his FIRST sucker!

This year for Halloween, I decided to make us all Peanuts characters. Josh was to be Charlie Brown, I would be Lucy Van Pelt, and Lincoln would be either Linus or Snoopy. We settled on Snoopy, since Linus and Lucy are brother and sister. That would just be weird.
I couldn't find a yellow shirt for Josh so I dyed a white one then sewed on the stripes. I made Linc's hat and sewed on the ears and a black spot on his back, and had to again dye a shirt for me then added some elastic for the sleeves and ruffles around the neck. I've got a sign that says "Psychiatric Help 5 cents. The Doctor is IN." I also painted a box to look like Snoopy's dog house, but none of the pictures show it very well.

So there are the home made costumes that didn't turn out NEAR as good as they looked in my head!!(They never do.) But it was fun. Everyone loved Josh's and Lincoln's but couldn't figure out who I was, if I was standing by myself.
We had lots of fun at the Trunk or Treat at church. I was in charge of decorations and games for everyone, so I spent most of the night running around making sure things were running smoothly. Next year, I'm taking a break from event planning so I can actually ENJOY Halloween. Who am I kidding? I will NEVER be released from the Activity Planning Committee now that they know I was a Special Event planner!!!

Here are some pics of us and our friends at the Trunk or Treat. LOTS OF FUN!!
Quinn and Jessica (Dorothy) and one of their children as a Munchkin.

The Hinson family...UT fan, 50's girl, Jedi, and Slaughter Samuari!!


  1. Hi Lacey. This is Laralin. These are great. I love your costumes. I saw another friend of mine that I don't think you know also went as Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt, but their infant son went as Tigger. Like how you made the theme so cohesive. Great job! You know, you'd actually have to say no in order not to be the planner. I think you might be stuck for life. J/k. Maybe someday somebody will realize you deserve a break and a chance to enjoy yourself. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  2. Lace, I thought your costumes were adorable!!! Great job!

  3. Those are awesome. You got me humming the peanuts theme song. :-)