Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time for a Change!!

For months now, my mother has been hounding me every time I talk with her about getting my hair cut. I've been trying to grow out my hair to do something different with it, but this Sunday's hair fiasco, involving me having 20 minutes to get ready and out the door, made me have an epiphany....
I'm not supposed to have long hair!!!
Here are the reasons why...
1. My hair is TOO thick and heavy.
2. I don't know how to do long hair.
3. Long hair makes me look 12 yrs old.
And the last one I'll mention is I'm too impatient to take the time to "DO" my hair. I tried too! I bought a straight iron for the first time in my life, and I have hair products that work okay. But I guess it comes down to the fact that I'm just lazy when it comes to my hair.
So, here are a few options that I am considering. Please let me know which ones you like.
I have a VERY tiny forehead.
I have a slightly round face.
I have large ears that kind-of stick out a bit.
(Maybe writing this out isn't good for my self esteem)
I AM cutting my hair this weekend, regardless of which style I choose, so if you want to put in your 2 cents, better hurry!!!

Option 1: The duck butt

Option 2: Messy Short with sweeping bangs (Although my bangs will have to be shorter to the side. That would drive me crazy being in my face.)

Option 3: Something like Rhianna's or the second one here.

Option 4: Mandy Moore's (I can't go SUPER short. I'm too big and would get mistaken for a young boy. Don't laugh, it's happened.)
If you have a different suggestion, let me know!!! The clock is ticking!


  1. I like #2........ It matches your spunky personality! :)
    Are you still speaking to me even though I missed game night???
    AND........ Jessica was supposed to teach my class and I just found out she had sick kids at home.......
    I'm afraid of what I will have to do to regain your friendship!! HAHAHA!!!

  2. Hello gorgeous! I like the duck butt. I think that one looks the best on you. So we had Nicole and her hubby over for dinner the other night...too much fun! We need to all get together sometime!

  3. yes to duck butt cause it looks good on you. i like the idea of rianna's but know you would hate the bangs. the 2nd picture WILL NOT WORK on your thick hair with all those layers like that. it'll be flat on your head. however, more of a one length bang with the thickness taken out would be fun for you to try and selma blair's style you pointed out is close but on the 2nd cube, her hair on that one would be better for you so you could tuck it. xoxox i'll try to find a better picture of her and email it to you. xoxoxo
    now... i am going to pretend you didn't ask me personally (the resident hairstylist) because you didn't want to bother me... and i thank you.;) but i am very glad i found this on my own. good luck. i agree, you are a short hair girl. no longer than over your shoulders. ;)

  4. I like the first one too. I actually always thought your hair was cute when we worked at the gym. You always looked good to me. Good luck choosing! I'm sure anything you pick will look great!!